Fresher Thinking. Smarter Doing. Better Service.

Since 1901, when we created the first electric sign for a valued customer, our company has been helping brands shine brighter with fresher thinking, smarter doing and better service.

While some use the term innovation to describe our fresher thinking, we simply call it solving our customers’ problems. Whether addressing a client’s current business challenge or bringing a unique solution to market, we’re always inventing and discovering new ideas that light the way for our customers’ brands.

At Federal Heath, every person in our company is continually seeking smarter ways to improve what they do best. From turnkey production for hundreds of sites to lean manufacturing that saves time and money, our intelligent approach to every aspect of a project supports a level of speed and responsiveness unmatched by our competitors.

We know everyone talks about delivering better service, but we believe consistent, trustworthy actions are what truly count. By respecting our customers, our suppliers and one another, we offer a higher level of service that’s founded on our allegiance to our word. It’s a basic principle, backed by every level of our organization: At Federal Heath, “We do what we say we’re going to do.” New customers are sometimes surprised by this fact, and long-standing customers can’t imagine us being any other way.