Glossary of Sign Terms

ADA Compliant

American with Disabilities Act. Signage that must be compliant with ADA guidelines, including certain sign height requirements and braille signs.

AV Distribution System

System used to distribute video and audio signals to a PC, Television, or other media players.


A canvas-like material that is supported by a framework and projects outward from the building providing shade for storefront, and or windows.

Blade Signs

Blade signs extend outward to assist in better visualization of a storefront. They are the most effective signage for foot traffic.


Computer Aided Design /Drafting Program used to create and modify designs.

Channel Letters

Individually constructed letters most often made out of metal or plastic materials. They are most commonly used for exterior signage and are often internally lit.


Updating or modifying multiple store fronts on a large scale, including modifying signage and remodeling.

Digital Display Sign

LCD, Plasma, TV or LED screens that display digital content

Digital Signage Software

Internet-based program or software that displays digital signage from a digital signage player.

Dynamic / Digital

Using a unique form of video broadcasting that displays information or advertisement.Updates content in real time.

Electronic Message Boards

Mainly used for exterior signage, electronic message boards are computer-generated messaging systems that display information.

Flat Panel Display

A monitor or computer that uses LCD or plasma technology. Therefore, allowing the monitor to be light weight and flat screen.

Freestanding Sign

A sign that is not mounted to a building.

Ground Sign

A sign that can stand independently. It does not need to be mounted to a building, pole or other structure.

High Resolution Art

Higher quality of photos because of the higher ratio of dots per inch (dpi). Typically to produce a higher quality photo, the resolution should be 300 dpi.

Interactive Kiosk

A kiosk displaying videos and other forms of interactive information.

Internally Illuminated Sign

A light source that is projected from the inside of a sign.


(Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs that last longer than traditional light bulbs. These type of signage internally illuminates signage.

Marquee Sign

A sign mounted onto a metal canopy mounted above an entrance. Typically used for theaters and hotels.

Menu Board

Signage listing a retail’s list of products and prices.

Monument Sign

Monument signs are most typically used to display several businesses at a plaza or shopping center entrance.


Neon signage consists of brightly lit tubes. When combined with electricity, rarefied neon or other gasses in the tube, give the sign a bright glow.


Obtaining legal permission to post or advertise a brand or product at a location.

PMS Colors (Pantone Matching System)

A numerical system that labels different colors through a numerical system. The preferred method to pinpoint exact colors of brand or logo.


Signs placed on 20-30ft poles in order to be seen near freeways.


Used for electrical signs, a channel adhered behind a sign to give support. Typically mounted to a wall.

Regulatory Signage

Signage that displays laws, regulations, and other ordinances

Sign Cabinets

The outer structure of box-like signage. While the outside displays a brand or logo, the inside of consists all the components that typically illuminate the cabinet sign.

Single/Double Face

Brand/logo on the outer part of a sign. Either on one side or on both sides of a sign.

Site Surveys

An estimated cost on a project based on inspecting the area, initial tasks required and blueprints.

Temporary Signs

Signs that are not permanently placed. Usually include construction signs.


Horizontal banner streamed across a monitor that displays headlines, promotions.

Turnkey Services

A company able to complete all phases of a large-scale sign project including, engineering, permitting, design, manufacturing, installing and maintenance.


Vinyl signs are constructed from paper thin layers with a vinyl cover.

Wall Signage

Single face exterior or interior signage adhered to a wall.

Wayfinding/Directional Signage

Signage that helps navigate toward a specific location.