Sustainable Practices to Preserve and Protect Natural Resources

Reduce our carbon footprint. Improve the energy efficiency of our buildings. Increase our use of renewable energy. This is our pledge. At Federal Heath, we are committed to reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainable development.

Our ongoing sustainability practices include:

  • Use of fluorescent lighting to reduce our carbon footprint and lower energy consumption
  • Cardboard and paper waste is segregated & recycled to reduce impact on local landfills
  • Styrofoam packing material is reused rather than thrown away, whenever possible
  • Energy efficient, programmable thermostats reduce excess energy use in all office locations
  • Fluorescent lamps & broken neon units are segregated and disposed of as hazardous waste
  • Use of electronic ballasts and LED lighting systems provide energy savings to our customers
  • Leftover paint waste & fillers are recycled for use in a cement making process
  • Thermoforming ovens are used only 2-3 hours a day. Their instant-on, quartz-heating element pre-heats quickly and minimizes time required to heat treat faces, thus saving on energy usage and repair and replacement costs.

In acknowledgement of our efforts, a major California public utility recognized our Oceanside facility for its energy efficiency and reduction in energy expenditures. We are continually evaluating and implementing energy-saving practices and new energy alternatives that preserve and protect our world’s natural resources for future generations.