Custom Signage to Outshine Your Competition

The Paris Las Vegas Hilton Balloon. Boston’s famous CITGO sign. The two miles of neon and fiber optic lighting of Harrah’s Las Vegas. When it comes to custom signage, Federal Heath has delivered some of the best and brightest displays in the world.

By combining more than a century of sign industry expertise with fresh thinking innovations, Federal Heath designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind spectaculars that live up to the name. And our custom solutions go beyond fun and gaming, as evident by our engineering first for General Motors World Headquarters in Detroit. For this 73-story glass tower, the glass system of the building is sandwiched between the sign face and sign cabinet, creating a stunning aesthetic for the three, light 25? logos while leaving the building’s original air and water barrier intact.

If you’re looking for a custom signage solution, let the ingenuity and flawless execution of Federal Heath help you shine brighter. Contact us at 877.620.SIGN