LED’s – A Shining Example of Performance and Efficiency

An LED retrofit or conversion is easier than you might think.  The vast majority of these are done on-site, at your location, without the need to have the signs or fixtures removed.  We have the knowledge and expertise to retrofit your exterior signs, area lighting, and parking lot lights to energy-efficient LED’s. 

Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking of making the switch to LED’s – 

  • LED’s in illuminated signs generally use less than half of the energy of older fluorescents, and last 3-4 times longer
  • Energy consumption compared to neon reduced by an average of 60%
  • LED’s have a secondary power of 12volts, compared to the 15,000 volts in neon, making them less of a fire hazard
  • LED’s provide high intensity lighting with good color saturation, uniform light, and greater lighting directional control
  • Because of their longer operating life, maintenance-related costs are lower
  • Extremely durable and much less fragile and susceptible to vandalism, breakage, and weather
  • Flexible output options for dimming and/or motions sensors
  • Environmentally safe – contain no mercury

Whether or not you switch to LED lighting is up to you, but if you are considering it, we will gladly answer any questions or concerns you might have and give you our professional recommendations based on your needs.  We’re just a quick phone call or email away. 


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