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Eclipse Theater is a new approach to movie going; a modern, concierge-style, eight auditorium venue running first-run movies along with a full complement of dining and beverage options. Patrons can eat while watching movies in the theater or the in-house restaurant; the full-service bar and lounge offers signature cocktails and spirits.

Federal Heath staff met the theater’s architect in the early stages of the project, and quickly discovered a shared passion to create a completely unique signage concept.


  • Electrical wiring and components were installed two months prior to sign installation to accommodate access for construction.
  • Following completion of installation of the mounting plates and support structure, daily measurements were required to ensure correct dimensions and installation of the semi-circular design.


Working closely with Eclipse’s ownership and design team, a joint effort began to revise and refine a design befitting the one-of-kind theater. The vision consisted of a semi-circle main sign concept, incorporating a large crescent moon shape into the center of the lettering. Federal Heath’s art department pitched the idea that the moon section should mimic an actual solar eclipse via variations in illumination intensity, controlled by an internal device inside of the building.

  • Custom engineered semi-circular radius support stringer and mounting plates
  • Main sign features the incorporation of crescent moon design element mimicking an actual solar eclipse
  • DMX Data Controller (for operation of the “eclipse effect”)
  • Installation of power modules and associated electrical infrastructure
  • Specially designed column channel letters with red LED lighting and faces

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