Federal Heath Delivers Company Branding with a Custom Touch for Enmarket Stores

In recent years, convenience stores have transformed into a place that is more than gas pumps and canopies. They have progressed into mini-marts serving an array of food and beverage items. Enmark is one such C-store that noticed the trend and decided to reinvent the wheel. Enmark realized the need for a refresh and added healthier food options to their stations. To convey their new concept, the popular convenience store updated their brand logo and changed their name to Enmarket. By adding two letters and a leaf, it conveyed Enmarket’s new idea: a market that continues to offer premium gasoline and quality food.

Re-imaging Support and Location Development

With a new brand logo came an opportunity for a new image. Enmarket chose Federal Heath to complete full exterior signage reimaging and remodeling construction services for its locations in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Enmarket introduced fresh food options to 63 locations in 2015, and with that came a new brand name.

Once Enmarket created their new brand logo and concept drawings for their stores, they originally chose local multiple vendors to help execute the plans. They completed a pilot store when Federal Heath entered the picture and offered to eliminate the need for multiple vendors and the idea of simply using one vendor to complete all the locations.

Our Specialty Contracting services further sealed the deal by assuring Enmarket that Federal Heath was capable of installing the large scope signage project along with remodeling and reconfiguring the interior and exterior of the C-stores. The Federal Heath team compiled estimates, refined the bid, surveyed the 63 stores, and created a mock design for each individual store.

What allows us to adjust graphics and renderings quickly to meet each new space or modification that comes with construction — such as a vendor installing equipment in a new location — is the just-in-time manufacturing process we own. Federal Heath’s processes allow us to take jobs for hundreds of locations with bulk orders while providing customization options for a variety of branding elements. We make each production specific to each store, while allowing customers to keep the economies of scale they need.

Pilot Yields Positive ROI

Federal Heath was initially chosen to lead the pilot project for interior remodeling at four locations, while also performing exterior updates at 12 locations throughout 2016.

Store locations were built based on a variety of land, location, and access factors, making many layouts distinct. Federal Heath’s turnkey signage capabilities ensured brand consistency across elements, while supporting individual differences. We provided support to control cost and imaging while allowing every location to feel like an Enmarket.

Older locations that move through de-branding and re-branding phases often introduce unexpected elements and costs. To help Enmarket control these aspects, our staff of expert project managers designed a system to help meet the variances between formats, selected materials that could easily adapt to multiple situations, and minimized lead time whenever possible.

Federal Heath identified locations requiring construction for an open layout and areas where existing materials need to be covered or updated. By reconfiguring those floor plans, Enmarket noticed an increased an ROI, due to the updated layouts.

This year, we were awarded all remaining exteriors and interiors set for remodel. When Enmarket acquired 35 new locations in November 2017, they chose Federal Heath as their signage and branding partner. Before the close of the month, work had already been completed on the first five locations.

We’re in the process of surveying the remaining 30, with work slated to begin in the first quarter of 2018.

Modify on the Fly: Results Make Flexible Construction Matter

With Enmarket, Federal Heath’s strength came from maintaining brand consistency while applying custom designs and elements to each location. Every store felt unique while being clearly part of the Enmarket family.

We worked directly together to analyze site concepts and make recommendations to maximize the potential of each location. Enmarket’s interior was revamped and modernized by adding brick, stone, and wood. By adding these elements, their updated appearance added a character and warmth. The interior of the locations further communicated what their brand logo already did; a welcoming refresh. High definition printed graphics and directional signage were also used to help consumers navigate the store with ease.

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