Hyatt Regency

Nationwide Reimaging and Conversion

Hyatt Regency hotels are smaller full-service hotels with 150 to 350 rooms located close to major business centers. This upscale version of Hyatt includes 5 star restaurants, elite bars, and an overall sophisticated experience and taste for socialites and business travelers. Furthering emphasizing first class treatment is their Hyatt Regency brand logo, a modern and regal purple brand logo that conveys taste and sophistication.

Hyatt Regency wanted to revitalize its logo and brand message to move away from their original, generic look, creating a unique image that would separate it from the rest of the Hyatt hotel brands.

Roles & Responsibilities

Their brand logo was transformed into quality signage manufactured and installed by Federal Heath. Even while using different types of signage; including channel letters and LED signage, there was still consistency in color and quality through the entire signage package. With an atmosphere that portrayed a first class experience, it was easily identified through superior signage.

Federal Heath was asked to survey all 123 properties to catalog current signage and prepare budget estimates for the conversion. All locations were estimated using the new family of signs document, survey information, and presented for evaluation along with approval. Hyatt tasked Federal Heath to prepare site specific designs for all 123 sites and authorized production for 21 corporately owned properties.

Delivery of the Project

Federal Heath used the Hyatt Regency slogan of “Convene, Connect, and Consider” for design inspiration. The custom-crafted hexagon logo was created to move away from using a simple word mark and to exude an innovative visual identity. Color choices were selected to create a feeling of comfort and creativity for guests.

Federal Heath removed and disposed of the old signage and channel letters from both towers, north and south. Federal Heath manufactured and installed Hyatt Regency LED illuminated channel letters and icon cabinet signs. Both types of signs featured purple perforated vinyl faces. The directional signage was designed by a Chicago based architectural firm. Federal Heath was responsible for prototyping the various types of monument and blade signs for client approval. Upon approval, the directional signs were manufactured and installed on the hotel’s property.



A conversion of this magnitude took place over a two-year time frame and required a lot of communication between the manufacturing facility, project management team, and the customer. Once the conversion was completed, the customer expressed complete satisfaction with the final product and installation process. The hotel’s new image helped establish Hyatt Regency as a place for business travelers to connect and convene. Key stakeholders and consumer testing embraced the new visual identity with enthusiasm. Hyatt Hotels will continue to roll out the new brand elements as it develops and renovates properties nationwide.

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