Branding Needs for Nationwide Program

Since 2009 Federal Heath has proudly supported Shell for their branding needs. For almost a decade, Federal Heath has helped brand thousands of Shell stations throughout the nation and has also participated in conversion project consisting of 9,000 stores.

As a turnkey provider, Federal Heath works with Shell by offering specialty contracting services, manufacturing, and digital screen printing services. By leveraging Federal Heath true turnkey capabilities; Shell has alleviated time, money and multiple resources.


  • Only sign company to win for 2 consecutive years, Shell’s Vendor of the Year.
  • One of 3 vendors selected to assist in re-imaging 9,000 stores as part of Shell’s Retail Visual Identity Evaluation (RVIe) program.

Traditional Manufacturing

  • Aluminum Face Signs
  • LED price signs
  • LED canopy accent
  • Point of Purchase Advertising Frames
  • Pylon Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Dispenser Valances

Specialty Contracting

  • Re-imaging and converting existing Shell sites
  • Canopy Modifications and Upgrades
  • Dispenser Decals & Graphics
  • Valances
  • Graving & Paving
  • Monument Signs
  • Dispenser Valances

Printed Graphics

Using high definition digital screen printing to print Shell’s iconic logo for forecourt branding.

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