Texas Roadhouse

Federal Heath Recognized for Two Decades of Excellent Service

How does a sign company become a leading partner of one of the best American chain steakhouses? The secret is providing valuable, cradle-to-grave sign service for more than two decades. Federal Heath couldn’t be prouder of our award, and we believe it comes from our hands-on approach to acting as the in-house sign team for our partners like Texas Roadhouse. You can distill it down to our simple approach of treating our customers like family.

Working Together – Collaboration at its Finest

Established in 1993, Texas Roadhouse has grown to more than 600 locations and roughly $2 billion in revenue in 2016. Each restaurant makes its presence known with packages that include large, open-face exposed-neon signs and, when possible, white LED lighting wrapping the building. The bright, bold custom exterior signs and lighting at Texas Roadhouse locations make them hard to miss.

Federal Heath has been supporting this visual branding consistently since 1996, as a top supplier for signage both inside and out at each location. Our mission has always been to help Texas Roadhouse and other partners boldly announce themselves and gain the attention of passersby.

For the past 15 years we’ve had a space within the Texas Roadhouse headquarters and recently expanded to a second staff member due to increased volume of business. This co-location has allowed us to operate essentially as the in-house project management team for sign and site development, bringing us in to their larger development process.

Today, we’re working with Texas Roadhouse on sites that are tentatively scheduled to begin construction 1 to 2 years from now, as well as maintaining existing restaurants through new and refurbished signage and sign and lighting maintenance services. Our joint efforts start with sign code evaluations and due diligence to determine what signage is legally supported at each proposed site. Texas Roadhouse uses this as part of their decision-making process for site selection, maximizing their investment revenues by limiting the chance that any chosen site will have sign code restrictions which adversely affect the ability to create proper brand recognition.

As a turnkey provider, we work directly with them on site selection, securing permits, and creating their sign packages. As a valuable partner, we keep each project on-time and in-the-clear for local restrictions and regulations.Federal Heath’s commitment to partners like Texas Roadhouse is that we take care of signage and branding so you can focus on what matters most to your customers, like a great steak.


Federal Heath was recently award the “Legendary Vendor Partner of the Year”. An achievement presented to a vendor that has demonstrated an “above and beyond” commitment, as well as, service on a national level. Texas Roadhouse choosing Federal Heath for this award is the best proof of our success. Federal Heath is honored to be the only sign vendor to receive this award and extremely proud of the partnership we have with Texas Roadhouse.


Support for New and Existing Locations

In 2017, Federal Heath provided new signage for approximately 30 locations and continued our on-going remodeling support for relatively 20 to 30 additional locations each year. Our efforts include new sign packages, as well as, refurbishments of existing ones.

For Texas Roadhouse, we provide cradle-to-grave support so each location can best respond to its surroundings. Signage is selected from the onset that can be properly permitted, constructed, and installed in accordance with company and municipality requirements. For existing locations, we also help local managers secure the new signs they desire and maintain existing signs and lighting.

When traffic patterns change, roads are expanded, or new construction changes the skyline, Federal Heath develops a city-approved plan to keep Texas Roadhouse visually clear and appealing.

Over the past two decades, the sign package for Texas Roadhouse has been very consistent, allowing us to focus on making the entire process more efficient and cost-effective for them, proving our approach to be a value-added partner.


Growing a Brand Together

Bubba’s 33 was created in 2013 by Kent Taylor, founder and CEO of Texas Roadhouse restaurants. It’s the perfect spot for a cold beer, a giant burger, and the best pizza in town. And, we think you’ll like the signs too.

Federal Heath is the preferred sign partner for Bubba’s 33. Our team of experienced account managers oversee site development and sign production processes for 5 -10 locations per year. With this, we’ve brought our same support, from permitting through construction and maintenance that now expands our efficiency and savings into a new business channel.

Every service Federal Heath provides makes it easier for our customers to serve theirs. Whether it’s keeping you visible from the road, navigating customers within your store, or modernizing the city around you, we strive to be more than just a vendor.

Site Selecting and Permitting

Federal Heath works with our customers to determine the best locations before they sign contracts or break ground.

Sign Codes and Creation

Across the United States, sign codes are becoming more stringent and variances are becoming less likely to be issued. Federal Heath works with partners like Texas Roadhouse to meet sign codes, maintain branding, and provide signage that meets the needs for each location and customer.

Value-Added Services

When a client grows, so do we. Federal Heath is proud to support their company as they introduce new concept stores like Bubba’s 33. Our experts have the right signage to create the right feel for whatever’s next.


“Having co-located project management at our clients location has dramatically improved delivery and cost” 

– Dan Belling, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Federal Heath