Zippy J’s

Digital Signage (Restaurant and Petroleum Solutions)

Executive Summary:

Zippy J’s is a multi-site company with private and major brand convenience stores, restaurants, and travel centers. Federal Heath was selected to provide custom digital menu boards with an integrated content management system for the company’s newest location in East Texas, near Dallas-Fort Worth. Zippy J’s ownership chose to work with Federal Heath due to its ability to deliver synchronized content across two and three screen arrays, capturing customer attention and influencing purchasing decisions.

The Federal Heath team delivered software, hardware, installation and content management system training. Zippy J’s staff now has the ability to effectively reach customers with menu offerings, product promotions, and multi-screen branding animation delivered in three day parts: breakfast, lunch and evening.

Scope of Work:

Digital Menu Boards, Digital Price Changers, Freeway View Pole Signs, Custom Canopy and Major Brand Petroleum Package

The displays can be managed remotely or locally with an easy-to-use web-based application.


Shortly after Federal Heath developed the digital menu board solution and implemented an installation schedule, Zippy J’s ownership encountered an unexpected problem. Just days before the grand opening, the main monument sign – supplied by a separate vendor – still required installation of the price change modules. Additionally, the sign required hard-to-source, white LED illumination and associated hardware. Zippy J’s turned to Federal Heath for a solution; not only were all components in stock, but the production staff also rearranged workflow to expedite the installation of the remaining equipment. Federal Heath’s flexibility helped accommodate the tight turnaround and all work was completed with time to spare.

Digital Signage Delivery:

  • Solution design including: (2) three screen display arrays and Content Management System (CMS)
  • Content Management System includes: synchronization (multiple screens working in tandem as a single screen with single images spanning multiple screens), day-parting (automated content changes for separate menus, e.g. “breakfast, lunch, and dinner”), image effects such as steam graphics, price and calorie counts, intuitive operating system, and ongoing system updates/consultation/support
  • Program Management & Installation
    o Site Survey scheduling and coordination
    o Site Surveys (installer inspection of installation sites including location, screen size recommendations, and renderings prior to finalized solution)
    o Hardware requisition including: displays with internal or external media players, wall mounts, pole suspension mounts, struts/anchors, and wiring/cables
    o SaaS Content Management System including: training, updates, and technical support
    o Warrantees including: solution, manufacturer, and installation


“There isn’t another sign company in the entire state of Texas who could have pulled this off! You’ve got my digital sign business now and in the future!” – Owner, Zippy J’s

What began as a desire to add digital menu boards to a newly branded store, Federal Heath’s design team developed a new value-driven, bundled solution that includes: custom LED illuminated canopies, freeway elevated and petroleum branded pole signs with LED price changers, custom exterior slat walls, and multi-display digital menu boards. Impressed with the initial project’s results and problem-solving solutions, Zippy J’s has tapped Federal Heath to implement the new package at additional locations. Federal Heath’s Visual Communications resources and capabilities provide fully integrated, turn-key solutions that deliver results with a curb-to-counter approach.