Printed Graphics

All-in-One Printed Graphics Solutions

By offering complementary products and services, Federal Heath can manage your brand identity and assure that consistency and brand integrity are maintained when you go to market. We lower your transactional costs by reducing your supply base. Fewer purchase orders and invoices eliminate the potential for confusion and delays.

Our program approach means that there is one company accountable for managing your retail site assets. We survey each one of our clients’ sites and catalog the findings in our database. Once you have decided on the brand imaging for your sites, we retrieve that information and create site specific bills of material including product, permit, and installation pricing.

Communication is streamlined when there is only one company managing all of your imaging needs. An added benefit of our program approach is the cycle time to reimage is reduced. Consolidated shipments of products (signs, channel letters, building fascia, interior signs, window and door decals, murals, department signs, aisle markers) mean that all of the products arrive on site in one or two shipments – just in time for our installers.