Printed Graphics

All-In-One Printed Graphics Solutions

Printing for Any Application

At Federal Heath, we understand design intent and how to create dynamic graphic elements that give your brand the maximum in visibility. We utilize a variety of print platforms and techniques, using a broad range of materials to produce premium graphics and dimensional signs that are lightweight, economical, and easy to install.

Precision Color Processes

We know color – it’s in our DNA. We manage color for some of the world’s finest brands with accuracy and precision. When your brand colors need to be displayed correctly through multiple media, you need a team of experts that know color. Our capabilities can assure that your brand image is consistent in a variety of applications, achieving cohesiveness and brand uniformity.

Choosing the Right Materials

Material choices, hanging hardware, printing techniques, and fabrication methods all impact how your designs are converted into signage. As a turnkey service provider, Federal Heath will work with you to identify the best materials and hardware solutions to transform your designs into impactful signage and graphics.


Attract customers through the front door, and help guide them with cohesive messaging, and easy to read directionals. Vibrant signage plays a key role in both navigation, efficiency, and appearance. Federal Heath understands these key elements and delivers exceptional exterior and interior signage to prominent stores across the nation.

Printed Graphics Applications

Grocery Graphics

Retail Graphics

C-Store Interior Graphics

Petroleum Dispenser Graphics


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