What kinds of materials can you print on? 

We can print on rigid and flexible materials, sheets or rolls. Some of the materials that we print on are styrene foam boards, vinyl, decal materials, acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminum, paper, card stock and banner materials.

Can you print on metal?
Yes, we print on metal substrates.

How large can you print?
We can print on sizes up to 120 inches by 96 inches, depending on materials and durability requirements.

How thick of a material can you print on?
We can print directly on materials up to two inches thick.

Can you die-cut or router-cut materials?
Yes, we have die-cutting, computer-cutting, saw-cutting, power shear-cutting and router-cutting capabilities.

Are your products durable outdoors?
Yes, we use automotive pigment inks that have strong ultraviolet light resistance. We also print UV resistant clear-coats, over our inks to ensure durability.

Can you help me specify materials and methods if all I have is a design?
Yes, we are very good at helping our clients determine the best choices for their applications. We are also very good at value-engineering products. Our clients want competitive prices and products that can be shipped and installed easily. We excel, when it comes to finding solutions for reducing weight and cost, and facilitating manufacturing, packaging and installation solutions.

Can you install your products?
Yes, we have an experienced Installation Manager and support teams that can build and execute site surveys, secure permits, create a detailed bill of materials, specify a scope of work, manage the installation, and complete closeout documentation for accurate billing. Our safety record is excellent as a result of our focus and training programs.

Do you have a quality program?
Yes, we are ISO 9001-2008 Certified. A copy of our certification is available upon request.

Do you have a safety program?
Yes, we have ongoing training for all of our people, supported by a safety manual and procedures. We also have a lean culture- one that actively engages in 5S practices.  Our people spend at least 40-50 hours every year on lean activities including book clubs and continuous improvement exercises.

Do you use 3M materials?
Yes, we use 3M materials. We also have access to many other high-quality materials and suppliers in our industry.

Are you a responsible company when it comes to the environment?
We believe that we are very proactive when it comes to the environment. We have had no violations of EPA or DNR standards in our history. We recycle. We actively pursue new materials that can be recycled or are environmentally friendly.

Is Federal Heath a display company?
No. We supply printed components to the display industry. We are not a design firm, nor are we an ad agency. We are a custom graphics printer and fabricator.

Can you assemble and pack our products?
Yes, we can do both. Our Plant Two has the space required for either assembly or pack-out of simple or complex programs.

Can you print distortion graphics that get thermo-formed?
Yes, we have the people, techniques and experience to manage complex distortion-printed graphics that get thermo-formed by partner companies with that expertise.