Rest Assured

Does your business focus on making customers feel at home? Federal Heath can help with the right kind of signage and branding. Online pricing models have become industry standard; new sites offering a better deal on a hotel room appear overnight. That’s why signage and on-site branding is so important to the hospitality industry – reinforcing the quality of your brand, on premises, can make the difference with consumers.Many considerations go into making choices and decisions when it comes to lodging signage; ADA standards, corporate requirements, and local and municipal regulations can complicate the process. Allow us to shepherd your project through the maze of hurdles that can overburden the process and relax knowing your image is safe and secure with us.

Our commitment to our customers extends beyond design and installation; our brand has become synonymous with service and maintenance.  For decades, we’ve provided sign and lighting maintenance paired with energy-saving exterior lighting solutions to respected brands across the nation.  We deliver top-rated superior customer service, competitive pricing, and flexibility through a wide variety of customized service plans.

Federal Heath’s capabilities are limitless; we have the resources to provide complete, full-service interior and exterior remodeling of any facility. Whether your needs are for a single-site or multiple locations, our network of construction professionals deliver outstanding results through project management discipline and adherence to corporate requirements.

Brand imaging extends beyond exterior signage; high quality printed graphics add value and provide continuity throughout your property. Our innovative processes and delivery methods let you focus on taking care of your patrons while we take care of your image.

Digital signage offers a simple, effective, and engaging platform to connect with guests. Promote your amenities with dynamic video content, static imagery, animation, or combinations of each. Cross-sell and up-sell services with targeted messaging and calls-to-action; custom mapping features guide guests efficiently through properties to dining, conferencing, and on-site features.  Digital signs are easily modified via cloud based technology, and are truly a fantastic bang for your marketing buck.