When it comes to signage for the petroleum industry, we do it all.

Since 1901, when Federal Electric Sign Company created the first electric sign for a valued customer, our company has been helping brands shine brighter with fresher thinking and better service. We know everyone talks about delivering better service, but we believe consistent, trustworthy actions are what truly count. By respecting our customers, our suppliers and one another, we offer a higher level of service that’s founded on our allegiance to our word. It’s a basic principle, backed by every level of our organization: At Federal Heath, “We do what we say we’re going to do.” New customers are sometimes surprised by this fact, and long-standing customers can’t imagine us being any other way.

Exxon Synergy Apertures

Pump Rebranding

Pump Bumpers

We are proud to have served and supported the petroleum industry from its early players to today’s giants. Quite simply, our experience and expertise in meeting the signage needs of petroleum customers is unsurpassed.

We recognize the role that effective gas station signage plays in bringing customers from the pump to the retail area. At the end of the day, we strive to ensure that your brand reflects the quality and credibility your customers expect.

We help clients connect with their customers, from stunning graphics on high-rise signs to virtual displays at the pump. We recognize the role that effective gas station signage plays in bringing customers from the pump to the retail area.

Federal Heath counts among its customers the biggest names in the petroleum industry. They trust us to get the job done better than anyone else. You can too. We do what we say we’re going to do, and our petroleum customers have seen this bedrock principle in action time and again.

Digital Signage

Our comprehensive digital signage solutions include promotional kiosks, sales-boosting displays and everything you need to turn your operation into a vibrant media channel that effectively engages your customers.

Printed graphics / Digital Printing

Printed graphics manufacturing and digital printing capabilities coupled with its state-of-the art finishing equipment adds an extra dimension to Federal Heath’s turnkey capabilities, allowing us to meet our customers screen-printing and digital imaging needs.

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